29th Annual North Texas Chapter Banquet Raffle Descriptions

We are still putting together items for our 2016 Banquet, but following is some of the fine merchandise available in the 2015 live and silent auctions to give you a taste of what is in store! This year's banquet will feature several exciting raffles that give you lots of opportunities to take home some fantastic prizes including hunts, guns, optics and other exceptional merchandise. Many of these raffles feature a limited numbers of tickets, and sell out quickly so make sure that you arrive early to insure that you get in on all the fun!

RMEF Progressive Raffle

The lucky winner of this raffle will take home either a Remington Model 700SPS Camo in .270 WSM rifle or a PSE bow from our banquet, and then have his or her name entered along with the names of winners from other RMEF chapters in a Grand Prize drawing for a premium 7 day Riffle OR Archery Idaho Bull Elk Hunt for 1 hunter with B Bar C and Russell Pond Outfitters to be drawn in January of 2016. The winner of the Grand Prize drawing will also be outfitted with an awesome set of gear from our friends at Sitka!

A Maximum of 200 Tickets will be sold for $20.00 Each, Or Six for $100.00

Locked Gun Case Raffle

The prize here is a "Mystery" gun hidden inside a locked aluminum gun case. A total of 100 keys will be sold, and once that has happened everyone will line up for a chance to see if their key opens the lock on the case. The winner has the option of taking the mystery gun, or $500.00 in "Elk Bucks" that can be used for any purpose during the evening's events. The "Elk Bucks" are not redeemable for cash however.

A Maximum of 100 Keys will be sold at $20.00 Each

Shotgun Shell Raffle

This exciting raffle features a board loaded with 140 shotgun shell key chains. On the bottom of each of these shells is a colored dot. The number of chances you receive in the drawing is determined by the color of the dot, with Green dots representing 1 chance, Yellow 2 chances, Blue 3 chances, Red 4 chances, and Black 20 chances. There are a total of 382 tickets available in this game. Keep half of the ticket, and drop the other half in the bucket. When all the shells have been sold a winner will be drawn. The prize for this raffle will be a Stoeger Over & Under 20 gauge shotgun!

140 Shotgun Shell Key Chains will be sold for $10.00 Each. Representing 382 Chances to Win!

Big Spender Raffle

This is always one of our favorite raffles and sells out very quickly! A table full of premium items is awarded to the lucky winner of this drawing including a Tikka T3 Camo, Stainless in .300 WSM!

A deck of cards will be sold by our lovely raffle ladies for $50.00 each, with the purchasers keeping half, and the other half dropped into a bucket at the Big Spenders table. The winner will be drawn when all tickets have been sold and he or she will walk away with the entire table full of merchandise!

A Total of 54 Cards (A standard deck and 2 jokers) will be sold for $50.00 Each

Ben Franklin Five Gun Raffle

This is our biggest raffle! One hundred collectable elk medallions with a unique number engraved on the face of each will be sold for $100.00 each in this spectacular raffle. A corresponding ticket with the same numbers is dropped in a bucket, and once all the medallions are sold a winner will be drawn and he or she will take home all five of these fantastic guns including:

  • 1. Ruger 10/22 Carbine rifle
  • 2. Ruger American Rifle in .243
  • 3. Ruger American Rifle in .270
  • 4. Ruger Hawkeye in .300 Win Mag
  • 5. Ruger Hawkeye African in .416 Ruger

A Maximum of 100 Medallions will be sold for $100.00 Each NOTE: These calibers are subject to availability and may change!

The Stretch Raffle

$20.00 gets you as many tickets as your arms can stretch! Drop one half of each ticket in the bucket and you can win a 65 quart custom Yeti cooler complete with the RMEF logo!

The Spudz Raffle

$20.00 gets you an official RMEF Spudz (to keep your rifle scope and binoculars clean) plus a ticket representing a chance to win a Quigley custom scope that will be fitted with custom turrets for your rifle and caliber.

Life and Sponsor Member Raffle

Join the Elk Foundation as a NEW Life ($1,500.00) or NEW Sponsor Level ($300.00) Member during our banquet and you will be entered into the drawing for either a BROWNING AB3 Camo in 7mm or a $500.00 Cabelas Gift Card. One in Five will win!!! A new winner will be drawn for every five Life or Sponsor members who sign up.

***NEW!!! For 2015***

Something new this year! Just for the Ladies we will have an "Armed Ladies Raffle" featuring a Charter Arms Pin Hammerless Revolver in .38 caliber, and a return of the "Ladies Balloon Raffle"!